Have a pleasant journey to Duran Bar and remember curiosity leads the way towards new experiences.

New experiences. This is what is important to a modern person. This is why we love travelling. Luckily, it’s not necessary to go to a faraway place to visit new places and try new things something unusual. We invite you to Duran Bar, located in one of the most interesting areas of Moscow – Presnya – within the architectural complex.

The brick buildings were built in the 19th century preserve the atmosphere of that era when new technologies advancing industrial production began changing the civilized world forever. Such industrial constructions not devoid of architectural elegance are still preserved in major cities all around the world. There are many of them particularly in Great Britain, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

Through the building’s design, we strove to retain the spirit of renovation, the search for change, and the plain beauty of the reality of history which would help to embark on the imaginary journey to the East End of London and working-class districts of Manchester and Birmingham. The casual atmosphere and comfortable furniture are well suited for friendly conversation.

At Duran Bar, you can also enjoy the outdoors while on the veranda with the view over the Moskva river. You will be amazed by this alternative view over the capital.

Have a pleasant journey to Duran Bar and remember curiosity leads the way towards new experiences.

Who cooks for you:

Pastry chef – master of her craft NADEZHDA GORNAYA

Recently we started our own patisserie where you can order cakes, pastries and all sorts of sweet treats.



«A real bartender is just like a true friend who knows the right recipe for your night and can get the drink right for a specific occasion».

J.Roger Family is a team of bartenders and a barista.
The high level of their skills fills each glass with quality. With passion and inspiration, they create not just great drinks but also good moods.